Yves Clerc


Yves Clerc first entered the world of picture through photography.

While studying medecine in a university in Paris , he also studied Arts in the Paris college of applied arts to pratice drawing and comics under the leadership of Yves Got.

He published his first illustrations in the medical press. Moreover he actively took part in Nancy theater festival which played a decisive part in his theme of representation.

From 1975 to 1990 he published his works in several magazines such as Pariscope or Autrement and started painting in Zeimert’s studio. Then he exhibited in many collective shows in Paris, Antwerp, Pisa or St Petersburg.

From 1990 to 2007 he regularly showed his works in Charles Bailly’s Paris gallery in France, Europe and the United States.

After several international exhibitions he has mainly worked in Switzerland over the last 5 years in partenership with Bailly’s Geneva gallery. He lives and works in Paris, Mexico, Geneva and he regularly travels to the USA.

Yves Clerc
Yves Clerc
Yves Clerc
Yves Clerc
Yves Clerc
Yves Clerc
Yves Clerc


2016 -  PARIS Hélène Bailly
2015 -  GENEVA Bailly gallery
        -  BRUSSELS Belgium Brafa  Bailly gallery
        -  BUSAN Korean’s Art Fair 

2014 -  GENEVA Bailly gallery  « petals,folds and  Palimpsests »
        -  LAUSANNE Switzerland exhibition
2013 -  GENEVA Gallery Hania Bailly Contemporary
2012 -  PARIS Chevalier gallery  artist’ carpets exhibition
        -  BÂLE Scope Basel   
2011 -  ST JEAN DE LUZ Jean Louis Goursolle Gallery " Famous portraits "
        -  ST ETIENNE DE BAIGORRY Basse Navarre Festival
        -  GENEVA Bailly gallery "Ars femina"
2010 -  MOSCOW the Manège show THE FRENCH ART OF LIVING
        -  PARIS  contemporary Bailly gallery photo painting « Glamorous Flowers »
        -  PARIS Metamorphosis 4 artists Fondation Johnson & Johnson.
        -  OSAKA Ami&Kanoko gallery Metalprints exhibition
        -  TOKYO Ginza Japan Gallery 156 Metalprints.
        -  PORTO VAILLARTA Metalprints

2009 -  LUXEUIL les bains Museum des Echevins
        -  PARIS  ODDO bank and Co

2008 -  published by Flammarion-Skira publisher of a monograph 
        -  LISBON exhibition- signing  Arte book space
        -  NEW-YORK english monograph : Yves Clerc published by RIZZOLI   
        -  NEW-YORK  exhibition- signing  Rizzoli bookshop

2007 -  PARIS  contemporary Bailly gallery « first choice »exhibition

2006 -  PARIS 20 m2 painting exhibition for « the carré rive gauche »

2005 -  PARIS 12 paintings showed in Hermes house  windows
        -  MOSCOW Irina Vitjaz’s haute couture fashion show decoration

2004 -  PARIS exhibition in 1st district town hall for the publication of Marc Gaillard’s book « Paris
           femmes de rêve   
        -  PARIS Bailly gallery « already 15 years »
        -  TROUVILLE town guest
        -  PARIS Akié Arichi engraving collective exhibition

2002 -  PARIS Jonhson&Jonhson fondation
        -  PARIS Bailly gallery

2001 -  MEXICO -  Landucci gallery
         - PORTO Portugal - Porto Art

2000 -  PARIS  Paris Art

1999 -  PARIS  Paris Art
        -  PARIS Bailly gallery

1997 -  PARIS  Carré Rive Gauche 20th anniversary

1996 -  PARIS - Intercontinental Grand hotel. Took part in embroiderer Lesage exhibition with the  
           Paris couturiers
        -  Montargis Girodet museum Private exhibition
        -  PARIS Bailly gallery Private exhibition

 1995 - ROUEN town  guest of honour
         - PARIS La Pochade gallery fan theme exhibition
         - STRASBOURG Strasbourg’s show La Pochade gallery
         - BEZIERS Fine Arts museum -fan theme exhibition
         -  PARIS – March show - La Pochade gallery
         -  PARIS - J. de Noirmont gallery – painted photographs exhibition

1994 -  MIAMI - Miami Art - one man show.
        -  PARIS Bailly gallery . exhibition and book publication

1993 -  CHICAGO - International art exhibition - one man show.

1992 -  PARIS – Bailly gallery exhibition and monograph written by Bruno Foucart
        -  MADRID Arco

1989 -  PARIS Vivienne gallery

Yves Clerc
Yves Clerc
Yves Clerc
Yves Clerc
Yves Clerc
Yves Clerc